Year of Renewal РThird Cohort: We discussed having smart goals for the congregation. Pastor Karri and I developed one: We will ask 3 members in the next 7 months (end of the school year) to share a faith experience to the congregation to help deepen our faith and our connections to each other. Pastor Karri will be taking the lead on this goal. Final revisions to the Mission Site Profile were accepted with some minor revisions by Council to sent to Pastor Joe Lees for review. Shared Pastor Conversations: Continued discussions with Atonement and Pastor Joe Lees from the Synod are occurring weekly and have progressed nicely. Council has settled on a date for a Congregational Meeting to discuss the details of the Shared Pastor Agreement with Atonement. This is scheduled for Sunday, November 4th. 2-year term call with an option for a settled call for that Pastor at the end of two years if all three parties (Pastor and two congregations) agree. Atonement has had their Congregational Meeting for their Mission Site Profile and they are having their Congregational Meeting on Sunday, November 4th to approve the Shared Parish Agreement. They also needed to make revisions to their Constitution to allow a Shared Parish Agreement to happen and they are having a separate Congregational Meeting to approve those. Cross of Glory’s Constitution already has this included so we do not need to revise ours. Worship Discussion: Council approved making some changes to the worship structure in order to keep the length of our worship at a reasonable time and to allow a more meaningful worship throughout. Some of the ideas included reducing the number of verses to sing and reducing the number of readings. The Pastor would choose the readings based on the sermon so that they can all tie together well and the congregation can leave with a concise discussion. Council will continue to revisit this to see how these changes have been received. The annual meeting date has been set for Sunday, January 27th. Respectfully submitted, Melissa Emerson, Council Secretary