Estimate of Giving

Thank you for your generous and continued support for Cross of Glory! As we do at this time every year, Council is assembling a budget to propose at next January’s annual meeting. At present, it takes $3,300 per week to keep our building operating and our ministries working (i.e., General Fund). It will take an additional $221.50 per week to repay the loan for the roof. We are asking you to consider taking “One MORE Small Step” towards our ministry through COG by committing to increased gifts (however small) for both the General Fund and Roof Fund.

With advance thanks, we are therefore reaching out and asking you to return the enclosed “Estimate of Giving” form by Sunday, November 19. We invite you to either: a) drop your form in the reception box located outside the Sanctuary; or, b) print and return the form via mail. Forms are also available for pick up in your mailbox at church, or can be mailed to you.

Simply Giving

Simply Giving is an enrollment program that transfers funds directly from your checking account to Cross of Glory. You can set it up for weekly, monthly, or annual payment — whatever suits your individual situation best.

This is an easy way to stay current on your Estimate of Giving pledges, and greatly helps Cross of Glory with its budgeting. For more information, click HERE or talk with Florence Lemke.

Click image to download form in PDF format.

Our family travels often; Simply Giving allows us to give when we are not able to attend worship.

Thank you for your faithful generosity to Cross of Glory!